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Announcing the Bitforest 2021 Student Game Development Internship!
Sponsored by Oregon Community Foundation and in collaboration with Connected Lane County

Bitforest is excited to announce the launch of the 2021 Student Game Development Internship.

The Internship program is funded partially through the Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) Chintimini Fund and organized in collaboration with Connected Lane County.

In the coming 2021-2022 academic year, Bitforest will lead a core development team to build an educational product designed for and by students, complete with audio, graphic art, and gaming industry technology. Three (3) students will be selected from Lane County high schools to participate in planning and executing design sprints and will contribute audio, digital art, and code to the project.

Students will spend a total of 300 hours engaged in internship training and game development. Bitforest staff expect to spend one hour mentoring for every four hours of student work, for a total of 75 mentor hours. Administrative roles will collaborate with Connected Lane County on student selection, maintain communication with project partners, ensure the valid and reliable collection of pre- and post-program evaluation data, as well as hold “retrospective meetings” that serve as evaluative check-ins at regular intervals.

What is the goal?

This program offers not only valuable opportunities for talented and gifted students to participate in an important cause, but it also, and perhaps more importantly, strengthens the value of the educational outcomes of the final product. Bitforest hopes to accomplish three core goals:

(1) This program will provide professional development opportunities to students who may see fewer than others.

(2) This program will provide new interests and skills for students to build upon. At the core of Bitforest’s mission is a commitment to invest in training and retaining tomorrow’s tech talent.

(3) This program will result in co-benefits for multiple stakeholders. Bitforest’s first-ever Student Gaming Internship Program will result in an exciting product for future promotion. Our project partners will be able to deliver a unique experience to students and parents; and the program is strengthened through regular evaluations with the youth represented on the development team.

Awesome! How can I help?

In light of safety and health precautions due to the continuing pandemic, Bitforest has made the decision to launch the Internship as a fully remote experience.

Please donate to help us ensure we provide a fun and rewarding outcome for our interns!

Bitforest needs $5,000 for equipment, software licenses, training, mentorship, and other tools to support this program in a remote environment.

Are you a professional in the gaming industry or related technology sector in Lane county?

We are actively seeking professionals to help support the Internship program. Drop us a line at info@bitforest.tech or forward this program page to others in your network!

Contribute to the Internship Fund: